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Alan R Finer
Personality Disorders
MSc Educational
MSc Developmental Psychology

Alan Finer is an Independent Chartered Psychologist engaged in Tribunal cases across special needs spectrum, specifically dealing with autism and dyslexia (failure to diagnose, assess, make provision for) and Court cases, specifically instructed by solicitors to assess clients across wide age range with autism, dyslexia, complex SEN needs, who have failed to be diagnosed by LEAs. Cases range from pre-school/school age to adult.

Alan has provided specialised psychological expertise in order to enable solicitors to prepare cases in respect of clients with mental health problems, damages arising from brain injuries, failure to diagnose deafness/Special Educational Needs with particular reference to autism and dyslexia.

Alan undertakes assessment of deaf young offenders and those on remand.

Alan has been involved in many cases dealing with post accident psychological trauma with impairment of personality/cognitive abilities - advising on treatment and education in the case of school age clients, treatment and damages in respect of adults; severe personality disorders - assessment and provision.

Increasingly Alan assists in cases involving family disputes and suspected abuse of children by one or both parents.

He advises on the psychological damage to developing children as a result of poor mothering/attachment/care. He assesses cases of post traumatic stress in young children and anger/control states in adults and the implications for management/child safety in families.

Alan provides assessment of clients held on remand for whom there may be mitigating psychological factors in respect of their actions.

Alan's medico-legal work spans a period of 25 years covering many complex cases. Although more usually employed as an expert witness for the claimant, recently he has been given joint instructions to prepare assessments/reports in the area of autism and complex special needs; consequence of accidents for employment/independent living; personality changes/disorders in parent with consequences for developing children.

Alan is also instructed as expert witness by the Crown Prosecution Service in cases dealing with child abuse in special education settings.

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