Independent Chartered Psychologist
expert witness psychopathology and abnormal psychology
Alan R Finer
Personality Disorders
psycho-legal work
MSc Educational
Assessment of mental health problems
Set out below are Alan Finer's areas of special interest
  • Assessment of psychological effects of brain damage on skill learning and functional competence, personality constructs
  • Behaviour management within organisations and application of psychological principles as an alternative to use of aversive techniques.
  • Assessment of complex problems - psychosis, sensory impairment, autistic spectrum disorders and development of appropriate provision and management within natural environments.
  • Attention Deficit Disorders - implications for management of behaviour and learning.
  • Post traumatic disorders in children and adults - counselling.
  • Movement problems, skill acquisition amongst clumsy children.
  • Assessment and provision for children, young people and adults with dyslexia.
  • Assessment of mental health problems in adults and providing for needs within normal society, developing a philosophy of inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • Skills analysis - learning, social competence, occupational.
  • Functional needs assessment.
  • Personality disorders.
  • Assessment of babies and young children - motor/development problems.

Expert Witness

Personality disorders